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Codependency and Addiction

codependency and addiction

Codependency is a condition that is learned. It is often learned from parents, family members and significant others. Codependency is a behavioral and emotional condition. It affects one’s ability to develop mutual, satisfying, and healthy relationships. This condition is known as the relationship addiction. The reason for this name is because those with the condition often have relationships which are emotionally damaging. The relationships are also usually one-sided or even abusive. Codependency is often found in families where addiction is present. Codependency and Who it Affects Many people can be affected by codependency. Some of the people it can affect include…

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Healing After Emotional Abuse

healing after emotional abuse

Emotional abuse—also referred to as psychological abuse—is defined by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) as the continuing emotional maltreatment that seriously damages a child’s emotional wellness and development. Children who often experience such abuse—terrorizing, bullying, humiliation, coercive control, threats, severe insults, isolation or neglect—are deliberately abused emotionally. Healing after emotional abuse can be difficult and takes opening up to professionals and friends or family. Usually, children who suffer from emotional abuse also suffer from other types of abuse, including physical or sexual. The US Children’s Bureau said nearly 3 million children experience a form of…

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Remembering Those Less Fortunate During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for joy and giving. But, for families and individuals going through hard times, it can be painful. For families already having a hard time buying food and paying bills, knowing they can’t afford any Christmas celebration can be devastating. Charities give us who are more fortunate the chance to help out these families while teaching our children the joy of helping those in need. A great way to start is by giving a donation in your child’s or other young family member’s name instead of a gift. The knowledge that their gift helped provide holiday…

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Drugs in Hollywood: Understanding the Lore

Drugs in Hollywood are part of it’s lore. It is one of the underlying reasons why there is a certain romanticism associated with narcotics. People view addicted individuals as rebels, artists, and misunderstood souls. Stories about drugs in Hollywood and other celebrities involved in drug abuse have appeared in different news outlets. It is strange that we see celebrities this way, but regular people battling addiction are shunned and perceived negatively. With the prevalence of drugs in Hollywood people have presumed that drug abuse in Hollywood occurs because celebrities might have easy access to illegal substances. Insiders allege that drug abuse in Hollywood often…

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Benefits of Having a Dog in Recovery

*DISCLAIMER: Monarch Shores does not allow pets in any of our treatment facilities There’s a good reason why a dog is a man’s or woman’s best friend. Spending time with animals can provide benefits for humans and animals alike. Animals can especially help humans during challenging times. One of these times is during recovery from drug or alcohol abuse.  Recovery can be a particularly tricky time to navigate. People might spend time and effort attending best addiction treatment centers only to find that they still have work to do, are looking for ways to rebuild their lives, and may struggle with…

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Staying Sober on Thanksgiving Eve and Being Thankful for Sobriety

thanksgiving eve

Turkey, mashed potatoes, pie – and alcohol? To some people, the Thanksgiving holiday encompasses all of those things. Alcohol might be part of some people’s celebrations because the day before Thanksgiving is often a busy night for bars and for beer sales. Some people have even referred to the day as “Blackout Wednesday” or “Bar Night.” Why Do So Many People Drink on Thanksgiving Eve? Why do so many people drink alcohol on Thanksgiving eve ? Many people return to their hometowns from college or jobs to visit their families and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday. In fact, Thanksgiving is…

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Physical and Mental Health Risks of Marijuana

The United States government and state governments are gradually allowing marijuana use. Some states allow medical marijuana use only for people with a diagnosed condition, such as cancer or glaucoma, while other states have decided to allow recreational use of the drug. People have even pointed to marijuana as a treatment for addiction to harsher drugs like opioid pain relievers and heroin. While some people are celebrating the decriminalization of marijuana, there are still many who are concerned. There are physical and mental health risks of using the drug that you need to keep in mind before you inhale, or digest….

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Drug Rehab Success Rates

drug rehab success rates

What You Should Know About Drug Rehab Success Rates Any person who wants to take the first step in recovery may probably wonder if drug rehabilitation would be effective for them. What are the facts behind drug rehab success rates? This article gives insight about what you should know before making a decision. If you are contemplating going to a drug rehab center, you have probably done your research about the different studies on drug rehab success rates. And even if you didn’t you may feel uncertain if the program of your choice will be effective for you.  It is important…

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Trauma and Addiction: Understanding the Connection

trauma and addiction

As the years continue to go by, addiction research takes place that creates an accumulation of information. The goal is to have a better understanding of addiction, hoping to find the answers to help individuals with addictive tendencies as well as avoid addiction. The main focus of most research is the development of addiction knowledge as well as susceptibility. Studies have approached these categories in the hopes of finding variables that could be the reason for the development of addiction based on various angles. Finding a connection or even a casual relationship between addiction and the social, biological or experiential…

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Dealing with Guilt and Shame in Recovery

guilt and shame

Do People with Substance Abuse Problems Feel Guilt and Shame? Most people who do bad things during active addiction recognize that what they are doing is wrong. They know that they are causing pain to their loved ones. Sometimes these feelings of guilt and shame are a primary reason why they continue to use. If they resort to stealing or selling their valuables to feed their addiction, they are fully cognizant of those facts, too. However, the urge to do drugs or drink excessive amounts of alcohol is just too great for some people. They often find it impossible to…

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