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Codependency and Addiction

codependency and addiction

Codependency is a condition that is learned. It is often learned from parents, family members and significant others. Codependency is a behavioral and emotional condition. It affects one’s ability to develop mutual, satisfying, and healthy relationships. This condition is known as the relationship addiction. The reason for this name is because those with the condition often have relationships which are emotionally damaging. The relationships are also usually one-sided or even abusive. Codependency is often found in families where addiction is present. Codependency and Who it Affects Many people can be affected by codependency. Some of the people it can affect include…

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Healing After Emotional Abuse

healing after emotional abuse

Emotional abuse—also referred to as psychological abuse—is defined by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) as the continuing emotional maltreatment that seriously damages a child’s emotional wellness and development. Children who often experience such abuse—terrorizing, bullying, humiliation, coercive control, threats, severe insults, isolation or neglect—are deliberately abused emotionally. Healing after emotional abuse can be difficult and takes opening up to professionals and friends or family. Usually, children who suffer from emotional abuse also suffer from other types of abuse, including physical or sexual. The US Children’s Bureau said nearly 3 million children experience a form of…

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Step 4 of the 12 steps

The 12-Steps are a set of guiding principles which aim to help addicted individuals recover from behavioral issues, compulsions, and any form of addiction. Each of these steps is equally powerful and has been proven and tested by many individuals who have recovered from addiction. In step 3, an individual decided to trust the Lord, that’s why in step 4, this decision is being reinforced by showing your voluntary surrender and trust to God. The step 4 principle expressly states, “made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” If you are undergoing the 12-step treatment process, this treatment option requires…

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Holistic Pain Management

holistic pain management

Dealing with pain of any kind can be quite tough. You may have acute pain from a health issue, surgery, or an injury or you may have chronic pain. There are many people who think pain medications are the best answer for treating pain. However, most pain medications are very addictive. Many people need help from holistic drug rehab centers to stop taking pain medications and then learn new ways to cope with their pain in a healthy matter. The best way to avoid any complications with pain medication, is to learn about holistic or natural pain management techniques. Acupuncture When…

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Beautiful Boy Shows How Addiction Hurts Families

Addiction doesn’t just affect people who are abusing drugs or alcohol. It affects the person’s family and friends as well, and Beautiful Boy does an amazing job of depicting this. Beautiful Boy is a graphic illustration of how addiction impacts the user and those around him or her. The 2018 film stars Steve Carell as David Sheff and Timothée Chalamet as his son, Nic. It’s based on David’s memoir Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction as well as Nic’s memoir Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines. Nic is also the author of the memoir We All Fall Down:…

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Remembering Those Less Fortunate During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for joy and giving. But, for families and individuals going through hard times, it can be painful. For families already having a hard time buying food and paying bills, knowing they can’t afford any Christmas celebration can be devastating. Charities give us who are more fortunate the chance to help out these families while teaching our children the joy of helping those in need. A great way to start is by giving a donation in your child’s or other young family member’s name instead of a gift. The knowledge that their gift helped provide holiday…

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Coping Skills for Addiction Recovery 

Recovering from an addiction is not an easy feat. It is a lifetime journey and can be even more difficult with triggers around you, with people who can pull you back into addiction, and with the tremendous effort it can take to remain sober. Given these difficulties, it is important to develop and master coping skills for addiction recovery. Having a plan makes you prepared and increases your chances of staying sober. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), there are four stages of drug addiction recovery: Initiation of treatment Early abstinence Maintaining abstinence Advanced recovery  If you examine the…

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Addiction Recovery Apps: A New Form of Help

addiction recovery apps

Technological advancements are solving many of the world’s problems one at a time. Technological development increases options for most people. It also ensures convenience to the users by streamlining processes. One of these beneficial advancements is in the form of addiction recovery apps, which are a new form of help for people suffering from substance use disorder. Of course, these apps can only do so much and are best served as a support tool after you leave your treatment center. Global Picture of Substance Abuse Disorder A 2016 study on the Global Burden of Diseases revealed that alcohol use disorder is…

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Drugs in Hollywood: Understanding the Lore

Drugs in Hollywood are part of it’s lore. It is one of the underlying reasons why there is a certain romanticism associated with narcotics. People view addicted individuals as rebels, artists, and misunderstood souls. Stories about drugs in Hollywood and other celebrities involved in drug abuse have appeared in different news outlets. It is strange that we see celebrities this way, but regular people battling addiction are shunned and perceived negatively. With the prevalence of drugs in Hollywood people have presumed that drug abuse in Hollywood occurs because celebrities might have easy access to illegal substances. Insiders allege that drug abuse in Hollywood often…

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Step 2 of the 12 Steps

About the 12 Steps The 12 steps of the Alcoholic Anonymous provide a step by step guide to people dealing with substance use disorder. Each step is a clear instruction to help patients start to cope with addiction – from the first step of acknowledging the problem and the need to seek help to recognizing that there is a way out of addiction and employing ways to stay sober. The 12 steps method also makes a responsible citizen out of the patients who finish all the steps of the AA rehab program by bringing the message of the 12 steps method…

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